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Making the Record: You Ain't Too Tough


================================ Words and Music by Barry Coffing © Barry Coffing Songs ================================

You Ain't Too Tough for THIS Kid!

You Ain't Too Tough

for THIS Kid!

This is the song that started it all.

Barry came to me with this song and some investor money and said, “You’re the only one I know who has the range and attitude to sing this. Wanna make a record?”

With this song we began to develop the persona for the project: strong but sensitive, confident yet vulnerable, sassy yet tender, bold and sexy.

One of four songs recorded in the initial sessions, this song set the tone for the entire project and influenced the direction that subsequent songs would take.

I also got to sing it on-screen in the film as the “Lead singer in convict reunion band” (don’t ask) in the film West From North Goes South (starring Sean Thompson [of The Heights], singer Morris Day, Tina Louise [Gilligan’s Island’s Ginger], Phyllis Diller, Larry Linville [Frank Burns on M*A*S*H] & LaWanda Page [Aunt Esther on Sanford & Son]).

============================================================ CREDITS: Produced by Barry Coffing Engineered & Mixed by Chris Hufford Recorded & Mixed at Tempo Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA Horn Arrangement by Dave Stambaugh Guitars—Michael Lent Bass—Osama Afifi B3 Organ—Greg Mathieson Piano—Mark Mathieson Drums—Gary Ponder Harmonica—John Mirani Horns—Bob Clark, Clay Jenkins, Tom Whaley,

Dave Stambaugh, Beverly Dahlke & Sal Lozano Background Vocals—Gael MacGregor, Ramona Wright,

Julie Chadwick, Barry Coffing & Jane Fontana ============================================================

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