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Gael MacGregor


LABEL...............Hip Replacement Records

                           Barry Coffing, CEO


BOOKING.........MacMusic Magic, 747.205.2065




Trust Me

Gael MacGregor & The Southern Soul Band

We're Hot Tonight

Gael MacGregor & The Southern Soul Band

Beautiful Loser

Music Supervisor and Composer of End Title Song

Memories of You

(Performed by Keith David & Cynda Williams) 

Unwrap Me, Baby

Gael MacGregor


Photo By

Pamela Royce

Fat, feisty and over 40, Gael MacGregor could have easily called her “You Ain’t Too Tough” debut solo CD, “Against All Odds.”

Taking almost two decades to complete, Gael has weathered the death of a beloved band mate, the drying up of financing when the project was only half-done, the near loss of all completed tracks in a studio fire, and most recently, her own brush with mortality from a burst appendix and acute peritonitis that landed her in the hospital for almost six weeks, including 9 days in the ICU.

Taking her cue from the infamous Unsinkable Molly Brown, Gael repeatedly declared “I ain’t down yet!” and is back—sassy, brassy and sultry as ever.

Gael says, “I started wailing in church at an early age. By age four I was actually singing in the choir instead of causing a ruckus in the pews and by was 15 was playing piano, cello, guitar, clarinet and flute (badly, but I got better). Over the years, I traveled the world, and sang in operas, musical theatre, clubs and cabarets, performed in orchestras and with groups as musically diverse as R&B, blues, country, rock and big bands—whoever was paying. In the studio and on stage I sang back-up for everyone and their dog (including Aretha Franklin, Dick Dale [known as the King of the Surf Guitar—whose music was the signature sound for “Pulp Fiction”], and practically every Elvis impersonator you can name).”

Gael’s bluesy “Southern Soul” songs will capture lovers of good time rock & roll, blues, gospel, country and R&B alike. All real musicians—including live horns and strings—keep the tracks fresh and timeless. A treasure trove of in-demand musicians with a laundry list of award-winning credits have joined in the fun and “You Ain’t Too Tough” is the real deal—the complete package of great songs (including a killer remake of the classic “Drift Away”), top-notch production with #1 Billboard-charting  writer/producer, Barry Coffing at the helm, amazing players, and, of course, Gael’s stellar vocals.

After years as part of a group or someone else’s background singer, Gael is finally doing her own music her own way.


“Gael MacGregor is so rich you have to rub your eyes to believe there’s only one of her… A great lady, a great band, a great venue [Key Club]. How can you beat that?”

~Johnny Best, Rock City News

“Gael MacGregor was a virtual mountain of sound, letting loose with a fury that would make Aretha Franklin weep with joy…”

~Sometimes, Rock City News

“…a powerful wail of vocals is Gael MacGregor…”

~Dave Moore, Rock City News

“…Gael MacGregor’s excellent vocals…bring depth to the songs…”

~Sam Humphrey, Music Connection

“…At times…it was like a vocal chord version of the lightsaber duel from Star Wars… blockbuster pipes…”

~Frank Hillman, Music Connection


“...When MacGregor sings ‘One Love Too Late’... she melts the heart into a romantic slumber, yet the song ‘Ain’t Too Tough’ has an attitude that will wisen up that man...”

~Diana Squillace, Publisher/Editor,

The Joshua Tree Times

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